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Cine Mas San Francisco Latino Film Festival


Fiction films including comedies and dramas.

  1. Alba

    Ana Cristina Barragán / International, Narrative / Ecuador, Greece, Mexico / 2016 / Drama, Family, Women In Film / 98 mins
    After her mother becomes bedridden, a shy and lonely 11-year-old girl is sent to live with her estranged father. They hardly talk at first, but over time, they slowly get to know one another. Award winner at Rotterdam Film Festival (FF), Mumbai FF, and Lima FF. +++ Alba tiene once años. Pasa la mayor parte de su tiempo en silencio y le gustan los animales diminutos. Una tarde, su madre es internada en el hospital y Alba debe mudarse con Igor, un padre a quien casi no conoce. Los intentos de Igor por acercarse a ella, las primeras amigas, el primer beso, las visitas a la madre en el hospital, son estímulos que marcan el camino de Alba hacia la entrada a la adolescencia y a la aceptación de su familia.

    Opera Plaza Cinema
    09/16/2017 9:10 PM


    Roxie Theater
    09/27/2017 9:00 PM

  2. Breadcrumbs

    Manane Rodriguez / International, Narrative / Uruguay, Venezuela / 2016 / Drama, Women In Film / 109 mins
    In Breadcrumbs, Liliana Pereira is returning to Uruguay from Spain where she will confront a past that meant persecution, imprisonment and the loss of custody of her son. As many other women victims of systematic violence, Liliana must choose between what her heart demands and what her conscience dictates.

    Opera Plaza Cinema
    09/16/2017 7:10 PM


    Opera Plaza Cinema
    09/20/2017 7:15 PM

  3. Doña Diabla – Lady Devil

    Tito Davison / International, Narrative / Mexico / 1950 / Drama / 95 mins
    Free Screening: Golden Age of Mexican Cinema screen legend Maria Felix plays Angela, a woman who suffers the blow of a messy divorce while pregnant. Determined to take revenge on the men, a woman kills her lover to save the life of her daughter.
    Lady Devil/ Doña Diabla

    San Francisco Library Main Branch
    09/25/2017 12:00 PM

  4. The Fates

    Wagner Depintor / International, Narrative / Brazil, USA / 2015 / Drama, Romance / 71 mins
    An American girl travels to Brazil and falls in love with a drug dealer from the favelas, in the captivating city of Rio de Janeiro.

    Preceded by: Terminal

    The Fates

    Roxie Theater
    09/26/2017 7:00 PM

  5. La Soledad

    Jorge Thielen Armand / International, Narrative / Canada, Italy, Venezuela / 2016 / Drama / 90 mins
    Handyman José lives with his family in La Soledad, a ramshackle villa located in what was once among Caracas’ most affluent neighborhoods. After learning that the villa’s owners are planning to sell the estate, José seeks any solution that might keep his six-year-old daughter from growing up in Caracas’ crime-sodden slums. Might that fabled treasure supposedly hidden in La Soledad’s walls offer José’s family a chance at a better life? “La Soledad” (d. Jorge Thielen Armand), from Venezuela, is an arresting blend of documentary and narrative feature, in which the actual participants in a real-life drama become players in the drama. The story of a family forced to uproot from their home shows rigorous commitment for the metaphysics of place and a compositional instinct that never quits." -Mick LaSalle, SFGate
    La Soledad

    Opera Plaza Cinema
    09/16/2017 5:00 PM

    La Soledad

    Roxie Theater
    09/24/2017 4:30 PM

  6. Last Days in Havana

    Fernando Pérez / International, Narrative / Cuba, Spain / 2016 / Comedy, Drama, LGBT
    Miguel and Diego are friends sharing an apartment in Central Havana. Miguel – a dishwasher at a restaurant, who dreams of  leaving Cuba for New York is waiting for his exit visa. Diego, a gay man in poor health carries on enjoying every single day from the confines of a rickety old bed. Just as life marches on so do the various friends and chosen family members that mill around the apartment including including Diego's feisty 15 year old niece.

    Preceded by: Palante

    Last Days In Havana

    Opera Plaza Cinema
    09/16/2017 7:00 PM

    Last Days in Havana

    Roxie Theater
    09/27/2017 7:00 PM

  7. Little White Lie

    Tomás Alzamora / International, Narrative / Chile / 2017 / Comedy, Drama / 80 mins
    Due to the simple nature of a small country town, a failed journalist is forced to fabricate news to avoid losing his job. After becoming the most popular journalist and respected man in town, he will have to decide between lying to continue his fame or tell the truth and lose everything.

    Precedes: Chilean Night Filmmaker Party

    Little White Lie

    Roxie Theater
    09/23/2017 8:30 PM

  8. Mara ‘Akame’s Dream

    Federico Cecchetti / International, Narrative / Mexico / 2016 / Drama, Family, Indigenous, Youth / 90 mins
    Nieri is a young Huichol (indigenous Mexican) in the country, whose dream is travel with his rock band to play a concert in Mexico City. But his father, a shaman, wants to start him on his path to becoming a spiritual healer. He must find the Blue Deer in his dreams. What does this mean?
    Mara ‘akame’s Dream

    Opera Plaza Cinema
    09/17/2017 3:10 PM

  9. Mexican Spitfire Sees A Ghost

    Leslie Goodwins / US Latino, Narrative / USA / 1940 / Comedy / 67 mins
    Free screening: Newlyweds Dennis and Carmelita have several obstacles to deal with in their new marriage: Carmelita's fiery temper, a meddling aunt and a conniving ex-fiancee who's determined to break up their marriage. 75th anniversary screening.
    Mexican Spitfire

    San Francisco Library Main Branch
    09/25/2017 2:00 PM

  10. O Pai, O!

    Monique Gardenberg / International, Narrative / Brazil / 2007 / Comedy, Musical
    On the first day of the extraordinary Carnival in Salvador, Bahia, a variety of characters (among them a stingy evangelical landlord, an auto mechanic, a philandering husband, a transgender neighborhood fixture, a Baiana selling acarajé and an expatriate returning for Carnival) interact. Ó pai, ó - slang for “dig that” - is alternatively a bawdy comedy and a social drama with music and dance numbers set in the lively colonial district of Pelourinho starring Lazaro Ramos with a guest appearance by singer Virginia Rodrigues.
    O Pai O

    09/28/2017 6:30 PM Buy Tickets