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Cine Mas San Francisco Latino Film Festival


  1. Loss, Deal

    Alma Herrera-Pazmiño / Shorts / USA / 2017 / Drama, LGBT, Women In Film / 6 mins
    Mila struggles to release her grief for her best friend and true love.
    Plays In:
    Love is Love is Love-LGBT Shorts

    Opera Plaza Cinema
    09/17/2017 3:00 PM

    Plays In:
    Made in Califas

    Opera Plaza Cinema
    09/16/2017 1:00 PM

  2. Mara ‘Akame’s Dream

    Federico Cecchetti / International, Narrative / Mexico / 2016 / Drama, Family, Indigenous, Youth / 90 mins
    Nieri is a young Huichol (indigenous Mexican) in the country, whose dream is travel with his rock band to play a concert in Mexico City. But his father, a shaman, wants to start him on his path to becoming a spiritual healer. He must find the Blue Deer in his dreams. What does this mean?
    Mara ‘akame’s Dream

    Opera Plaza Cinema
    09/17/2017 3:10 PM

  3. Mexican Spitfire Sees A Ghost

    Leslie Goodwins / US Latino, Narrative / USA / 1940 / Comedy / 67 mins
    Free screening: Newlyweds Dennis and Carmelita have several obstacles to deal with in their new marriage: Carmelita's fiery temper, a meddling aunt and a conniving ex-fiancee who's determined to break up their marriage. 75th anniversary screening.
    Mexican Spitfire

    San Francisco Library Main Branch
    09/25/2017 2:00 PM

  4. My Treasure

    Michael T. Flores / Shorts / El Salvador / 2017 / Drama / 20 mins
    A cleaning woman steals a Salvadoran Civil War map and hunts for treasure in the hopes of reuniting with her son.
    Plays In:
    Not So Short Shorts- Drama & Laughs

    Opera Plaza Cinema
    09/18/2017 5:15 PM

  5. O Pai, O!

    Monique Gardenberg / International, Narrative / Brazil / 2007 / Comedy, Musical
    On the first day of the extraordinary Carnival in Salvador, Bahia, a variety of characters (among them a stingy evangelical landlord, an auto mechanic, a philandering husband, a transgender neighborhood fixture, a Baiana selling acarajé and an expatriate returning for Carnival) interact. Ó pai, ó - slang for “dig that” - is alternatively a bawdy comedy and a social drama with music and dance numbers set in the lively colonial district of Pelourinho starring Lazaro Ramos with a guest appearance by singer Virginia Rodrigues.
    O Pai O

    09/28/2017 6:30 PM Buy Tickets

  6. Ode to Abuela

    Henry Alberto / US Latino, Shorts / USA / 2017 / Drama / 10 mins
    "Ode to Abuela" follows the journey of Angel, a young man who treks across landscapes to scatter his grandmother’s ashes. Angel is determined to at once celebrate and grieve the passing of his beloved “abuela.”
    Plays In:
    Lust, Love, & Loss

    Opera Plaza Cinema
    09/21/2017 5:15 PM

    Plays In:
    Lust, Love, & Loss

    Pickleweed Park & Albert J. Boro Community Center
    09/27/2017 7:00 PM RSVP-Free Screening-

  7. One Last Afternoon

    Joel Calero / International, Narrative / Colombia, Peru / 2016 / Drama, Thriller / 81 mins
    Laura was a young woman from Lima's upper class who met Ramon, an idealistic university student, in Cusco. Today they meet again to sign their divorce papers. Nothing, not even the past, will be safe this day. Laura era una joven limeña de clase alta que conoció en Cusco a Ramon, un universitario idealista. Hoy se vuelven a encontrar para firmar su divorcio. Nada, ni siquiera el pasado, estará a salvo este día.
    One Last Afternoon

    Opera Plaza Cinema
    09/17/2017 5:00 PM

    One Last Afternoon

    Roxie Theater
    09/23/2017 7:00 PM

  8. Our Barrio

    Ryan Casselman / Shorts / USA / 2016 / Drama / 29 mins
    Gabriela is a young woman on the verge of adulthood, who lives with her family in a diverse neighborhood. Struggling with her identity, Gabriela is forced to reckon with herself when her life comes to an abrupt halt. Finding beauty in life’s quietest, yet most meaningful moments, Our Barrio is an exploration of the Latino American experience -- and the human experience-- as it delves into the topics of compassion, community, and overcoming adversity.
    Plays In:
    Not So Short Shorts- Drama & Laughs

    Opera Plaza Cinema
    09/18/2017 5:15 PM

  9. Pachamanka-Singing for Freedom

    Markus Toth / Documentary / Austria / 2017 / Documentary, Music, Society, Spanish / 67 mins
    On the surface, "Pachamanka- Singing for Freedom“ is a documentary about a Chilean music band recording their new CD, along with the personal stories of different band members. Upon closer inspection, it is also a story about staying true to one's political and cultural principals like solidarity and equality while trying to survive as a musician. Formed during the dictatorship of Pinochet, Pachamanka's initial goal was to fight the regime and communicate the situation in Chile through music. After facing prison time and persecution, some band members were forced to leave the Chile and continue their musical journey in Uruguay, Spain, and finally Austria. The freedom that comes with being a musician became overshadowed by financial problems and the pressure to become a commercial act.
    Pachamanka-Singing for Freedom

    La Pena Cultural Center
    09/30/2017 7:00 PM

  10. Palante

    Wesley L. Rodriguez / Shorts / Cuba / 2017 / Drama / 8 mins
    After winning “El Bombo,” the Cuban-US immigration lottery, Estrella and her grandfather prepare for a journey of a lifetime one step at a time.