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Cine Mas San Francisco Latino Film Festival

Trails of Hope and Terror

Directed by Vincent De La Torre

US Latino, Documentary / Mexico, USA / 2016 / Documentary, Immigration, Society / 53 mins / English / Color / BD / West Coast Premiere Premiere

Trails of Hope and Terror

Opera Plaza Cinema
09/18/2017 7:15 PM


Based on a book of the same title, “Trails of Hope and Terror” attempts to answer why we, in the United States, have an immigration dilemma along our southern border. Filmmakers traveled to the US/Mexico to walk the desert and interview humanitarian groups, social workers, legal professionals, the undocumented, and anti-immigration protesters. The film explores the historical and economic reasons for the current immigration crisis and how politicians have used this issue to garner votes.

Director's Bio

Vincent De La Torre is a director and editor who has been working on film projects since he first operated a studio camera at a community cable network at the age of twelve. He is completing his MFA in film at CalArts.


Writer: Dr. Miguel A. De La Torre
Producer: Deborah De La Torre

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Dates & Times

Trails of Hope and Terror

Opera Plaza Cinema
09/18/2017 7:15 PM