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Cine Mas San Francisco Latino Film Festival

LGBT Program

Films with LGBT themes central or peripherally to the subject of the films.


Love is Love is Love-LGBT Shorts

LGBT themed short films including a few local ones! Filmmakers in attendance.


Raising Zoey

Thirteen-old trans activist Zoey Luna wants nothing more than to go to school, receive an education, and have fun with her friends in Downey, CA. Unfortunately, ignorance and intolerance have not always made it easy for her. With the help of her mother Ofelia, her older sister Leticia, and the ACLU, Zoey fought school officials for her right to self-identify in school. Even in the face of bullying and endless teasing from school officials and students, Zoey continues to live her life and tells her story in the hopes of helping others persevere in living their authentic lives.
7:00 PM