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Cine+Mas SF Latino Film Festival 2018

Alamo Drafthouse Screenings Sept 14-20

The Alamo Drafthouse hosts seven screenings starting on opening night. Enjoy this landmark space!


Ruben Blades Is Not My Name

Opening Night Film! Latin American icon Ruben Blades was at the center of the New York Salsa revolution in the 1970’s.The film is a celebration of this living legend and his struggle to come to terms with his legacy.


Oso Polar

A man, gay and still in the closet, gives his former bullies a ride to a school reunion.



A man looks for his lost father but suddenly an accident leaves him injured and stranded in the desert. Cared by a couple in the middle of nowhere will find what he was looking for.


Without Leon

Flavia is a young widow in mourning and needs move on but her connection with her stepdaughter complicates that goal.


In Exile: A Family Story

The Spanish Civil War left a million dead and over 500,000 refugees. Mexico welcomed about 20,000. Among them were the filmmaker’s grandparents, parents, and some of their friends. These are some of their stories.


Singing Our Way to Freedom

A vibrant, multilayered look at the life of Chicano musician, composer and community activist, Ramon 'Chunky' Sanchez


Indestructible, The Soul of Salsa

Documentary that takes a visual journey through the history of salsa, from its birth until Diego El Cigala publishes in 2016 the album Indestructible, which revisits classical salsa and also adds a flamenco soul. A feature film dedicated to the love of music and in which salsa is the guiding light.