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Cine+Mas SF Latino Film Festival 2018

Wish It Were Longer Short Docs

89 mins

Wish It Was Longer Short Docs

09/16/2018 5:30 PM


Light and heavy. American and Latin American. A mix of shorts that pack a lot of substance into a short amout of time.

In This Program

  1. The Earth Did Not Speak

    Javier Briones / Guatemala / 2016 / 4th World Cinema, Developing Nations, Documentary, Environmental, Guatemala, Human Rights, Indigenous Cinema, Indigenous Peoples, Latin American Cinema, Latino, Student, Student Film / 20 mins
    Survivors of The Rio Negro Massacres in Guatemala fight to rebuild their lives on the bank of their flooded ancestral homelands.

  2. Enedina’s Nativity

    Alejandro Mendoza-Ibarra / United States / 2017 / Culture, Immigrant, Spirituality, Urban, Women in Film / 10 mins
    A grandmother with an unbreakable faith builds a "big Christmas miracle" that has brought this working-class community together.

  3. (Latin) American Dream

    Pedro Peira / Migration Stories / Spain / 2017 / Culture, Documentary, Family / 10 mins
    A Guatemalan LA-based family tries to balance the Latin world with the American one.

  4. Our Man in Tokyo (The Ballad of Shin Miyata)

    Akira Boch / United States / 2018 / Arts, Culture, Music, Society / 19 mins
    A Tokyo-based record label owner lives his passion for Chicanog music by bringing East Los Angeles bands to Japan for nearly 20 years.

  5. Women Filmmakers From Nicaragua

    Tania Romero / Nicaragua / 2016 / Documentary / 30 mins
    A documentary celebrating and highlighting women filmmakers from Nicaragua.

  6. Velo Visionaries – Gabe Dominguez

    Kristin Tieche / United States / 2017 / Documentary / 11 mins
    Velo Visionaries presents a series of interviews with great thinkers of today's global bicycle culture from the point of view of the person behind the handlebars.

Dates & Times

Wish It Was Longer Short Docs

09/16/2018 5:30 PM